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General terms

of this warranty

LIGHT ENVIROMENT CONTROL, S.L. (hereinafter, interchangeably referred to as “LEC” or “Company“) certifies that any of its lighting products and equipment sold or supplied are free from any manufacturing defects, malfunctions, or damages caused by mishandling during manufacturing.

The warranty regulated in this document is applicable to any product within the lighting range of Light Environment Control (hereinafter referred to as the “Products” or the “Product”) if this document is included in the accompanying documentation and if it was purchased within the warranty coverage territory. By means of this document, LEC grants a warranty to the Products for manufacturing defects or defects in the materials used for a duration of five (5) years, starting from the date of issuance of the delivery note of the product, against any non-conformity with the sales contract of the Products as set forth in Article 116 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, or any replacing regulations.

After the initial two years of the warranty period have elapsed, LEC, regarding Products with manufacturing defects or defects in the materials used, will repair or replace, at its discretion, the Product or its defective parts in accordance with the conditions specified below. Furthermore, during the last three years of the warranty, it will maintain its initial coverage of not imposing any charges for labor or repair parts.

In any case, for purchases within European Union countries, the warranty provided by the Company starts with the Product at LEC’s facilities. That is to say, once the Product has been inspected and it has been confirmed that it is covered by the warranty regulated here, the Product will be returned to the Customer under the terms and conditions set forth in this document, with the return shipping costs of the Product to the Customer paid for, and reimbursing, within the first two years, the shipping costs incurred by the Customer in sending the Product to LEC’s facilities. If the purchase takes place outside the European Union, LEC is not responsible for transporting the material to our facilities or delivering it to the customer once the Product has been inspected. Starting from the third year, the warranty will not cover both the shipping and delivery of the Product, as well as failures in control and power devices. This warranty does not cover, under any circumstances, the costs incurred for the uninstallation and installation of the product.

Specific conditions

A) Duration and Scope

All Products come with a five (5) year warranty, starting from the date stated on the delivery note of the purchase (hereinafter referred to as the “Warranty Period”), under the conditions outlined in this document. The warranty described in this document is only valid for the party that purchases the Products as a direct customer (hereinafter, interchangeably referred to as the “Buyer” or the “Client”). LEC guarantees the absence of defects in material and workmanship for each of its Products. This warranty will be valid solely and exclusively during the Warranty Period.

B) Replacement or Repair of the Product

During the Warranty Period, any Products that do not function properly and are within the warranty will always be repaired, or if necessary, defective parts will be replaced, with complete replacement being considered only as a last resort.

C) The Product

Products from the LEC brand, in any of their lighting ranges, will have a five (5) year warranty, provided they are expressly indicated in the product’s commercial datasheet.

D) Proper Use of the Product

The warranty coverage of the Products regulated in this document will only be applicable to them when the Client has made proper use of the Product.

E) Effectiveness of this Warranty

The warranty regulated in this document will provide coverage when all of the following conditions are met:

1. Necessary Documentation:

The Client must provide LEC with the delivery note of the affected material and the corresponding invoice. To expedite the warranty process, the customer is kindly requested to provide the payment receipt corresponding to the Product that has been found to be defective or non-compliant with the sales contract.

2. Timeframe for Reporting the Defect:

Delivery Incidents: The buyer is obligated to inspect the merchandise upon delivery and to confirm the carrier’s delivery note with the stamp of their company and the reception date; if the company stamp is absent, the individual receiving it must write their name and Tax Identification Number (NIF), as well as the date. If the product is damaged, broken, malfunctioning, stolen, or lost, the recipient of the merchandise must file a claim with the Transportation Agency. Additionally, they must provide written notice to LEC through our website ( https://www.lecsl.es/devoluciones), within a maximum period of 24 hours following the reception of the merchandise. If this procedure is not followed within the specified timeframe, Light Environment Control, S.L. (LEC) would be exempt from any responsibility. In the event of shipping through an agency chosen by the customer, Light Environment Control, S.L. (LEC) is exempt from any responsibility. Installation Incidents: If the issue does not arise due to transportation, the Customer must report it in writing to LEC through our website ( https://www.lecsl.es/devoluciones), the detected defect must be reported in writing to LEC through our website, specifying its nature and severity within a maximum period of sixty (60) days from its detection and always within the coverage period of this warranty.

3. Payment of the Product:

The Customer must have paid for the Product or be in the process of paying for the Product, in accordance with the payment terms agreed upon at the time of its acquisition. The warranty will not cover if the affected Product has not been fully paid for.

4. Installation:

The coverage of this warranty may be claimed provided that the installation and/or assembly of the Product has been carried out in accordance with the installation instructions specified in the Instruction Manual accompanying the Product.

5. Technical Specifications:

The warranty coverage regulated here will be applicable when the Products are used in accordance with the technical specifications established in the Instruction Manual and comply with their correct mode of use.

6. Maintenance:

for the Product to be covered by this warranty, the Customer must perform maintenance in accordance with the accompanying instructions and by specialized technical personnel.

7. Temperature and Voltage Limits:

The Product is covered by the warranty as long as the maximum temperature and voltage limits established for its proper operation have not been exceeded, and provided that it has not been exposed to situations unsuitable for its use or that may harm it.

8. Power components:

The present warranty will extend to the power supply included with the Product. However, if these power supplies are not used in accordance with the recommendations provided by LEC, they will not be covered by this warranty.

9. Unauthorized tampering or repairs:

The Product will be covered by this warranty as long as there have been no alterations, tampering, or repairs to the Product without written authorization from LEC.

10. Product Maintenance:

In order to determine the origin of non-conformity on the part of the Customer and/or the defect and to assess the coverage, if any, of this warranty regarding the Product or Products allegedly affected by a manufacturing defect, malfunction, or damage caused by mishandling during its manufacture, the Customer is obligated to preserve the Product in question with the purchase contract in the condition it is in – including any elements annexed to the Product – for the time necessary for LEC to conduct the necessary investigations and checks to determine the defects and/or flaws detected and their origin, and consequently, the coverage, if any, of this warranty.

11. Limits of Use:

The warranty will provide coverage to the Product considering the usage limits determined by LEC in the Instruction Manual of each of the Products.

F) Exclusions from this warranty include

This warranty will not cover the following concepts and scenarios:

1. When manufacturing defects, malfunctions, or damages result from routine maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear of the Products.

2. When the Product exhibits luminous flux exceeding 70% of the nominal value specified in the catalog, unless the technical specifications of the Product, its components, or its use establish otherwise explicitly in relation to this aspect.

3. When the defect affects consumable materials (components expected to require periodic replacements during the Product’s lifespan, such as batteries, mechanical parts subject to wear, among others).

4. When damages or defects are due to or derived from improper use, operation, wear, treatment, or handling of the Product.

5. To incidental expenses that may arise from repairing the defect or lack of conformity of the Products (such as travel, assembly, transportation of the Product to LEC facilities, among others), which must be entirely borne by the Customer.

6. To expenses incurred by LEC when the Product sent under warranty is not found to be defective or covered by this warranty, including transportation, handling, and/or repair of the Products, which will be fully borne by the Customer/Buyer.

7. To products attached to the Product that are not marketed under the LEC brand and/or designated as complementary products in the catalog.

8. Defects caused by exposure to disturbances exceeding those established in the current electromagnetic compatibility directive.

9. In addition to the cases outlined in this warranty, damages not covered include those detailed below:

or Treatment resulting in damages or physical, surface, or appearance changes to the Product.

or Installation or use of the Product in a manner that does not adhere to LEC’s installation or usage instructions.

or Maintenance of the Product in a manner that does not adhere to LEC’s instructions for proper maintenance.

or Installation or use of the Product in a manner that does not comply with the technical or safety standards of the country where it is used or installed.

or Use of the Product with accessories, peripheral units, and other products of a type, condition, or standards not dictated or manufactured by LEC.

or Repairs made or attempted repairs by third parties not affiliated with LEC or its technical service.

or Negligence or bad faith on the part of the Customer.

or Cases of force majeure, as well as accidents, fires, liquids, chemicals, other substances, floods, vibrations, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, electrical overloads, excessive or incorrect voltage or power supply, radiation, electrostatic discharges including lightning, other external forces, and impacts.

G) Miscellaneous

No individual, including distributors, collaborators, or agents of LEC, is authorized to assume any liability on behalf or representation of LEC regarding the warranty regulated herein. The Customer, at their own discretion and judgment, determines whether the Product or any part thereof is suitable for a specific use. Regarding products sold by LEC that are not of the LEC brand, the Company does not provide any warranty, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose; however, the Company will make available to the Buyer upon request, but only to the extent permitted by law and relevant contracts, the warranties of the manufacturer of the corresponding product. This warranty may be modified due to legal requirements or decisions made by LEC. However, each Product will be subject to the Warranty that was in effect on the date of its acquisition.

H) Warranty for equipment distributed by LEC.

Light Environment Control SL (LEC), after selecting the best equipment currently available on the market, ensures that the distributed equipment is free from faults and meets the highest quality specifications. However, if any of these equipment presents a defect or malfunction, you should quickly contact the equipment seller or LEC, without prejudice to being able to directly contact the original manufacturer of the equipment. LEC, as a distributor, will undertake the necessary procedures with the original manufacturer of the product and will transfer the original warranties of the product, each of which will be specified by the equipment manufacturer on its website regarding the country of sale of the equipment.

October 2015